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Questions, Comments, & Information can be emailed to us by clicking here.
Fans can also write to us at:
Carolina Cobras
office phone: (336) 455 -7232
Players, Cheerleaders & Mascot
Please note that our players and cheerleaders handle their own fan mail and autograph requests. We urge fans not to send items of value for autographs as items can get lost in the mail. The Carolina Cobras organization is not responsible for unanswered autograph requests or unreturned items.
For information on appearances, please visit contact our community relations department for booking information.
Fan Packs and Pocket Schedules
Requests for Fan Packs, team photos and pocket schedules must be made in writing to the Carolina Cobras with pre-paid postage return envelopes. Emails and faxes are not accepted.
Job Opportunities & Internships
All job positions with the Carolina Cobras are posted on our Employment Board.
The Carolina Cobras offer internship opportunities in a number of areas. The Cobras Internship Program exposes interns to practical job experiences of a career in professional sports. The program provides the necessary training opportunities to bridge the gap between college and the work place. The Cobras seek conscientious, dedicated, career oriented individuals who like to work and learn. Staff assistants are valued in the organization's day-to-day operations and the rewards are mutual. Hours, duties and length of the staff assistant vary among departments. Additional information regarding the staff assistant program is discussed in greater detail with those apprentices who are in final consideration for a position.
Please visit our Employment Board for all available internship opportunities.
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