Cobras vs Predators Game recap

05/26/2019 2:10 PM -

GREENSBORO - The Orlando Predators beat the Carolina Cobras 74-69 on Pink Out night at the Greensboro Coliseum on Saturday Night.

The Cobras won the coin toss and received the opening kickoff. They wasted absolutely no time as it was a 30 yard pass to Jordan Jolly for the TD on the opening play from scrimmage, the PAT was missed and it was 6-0 Cobras. Orlando took their first possession downfield and with the help of a couplepenalties, they scored on a 4 th and goal from the 10 on 10 yard catch by WR Michael Lyons from QB Bryan Hicks and it was 7-6 Predators after a successful PAT on an 8 play drive that ate up a lot of the 1st quarter. The Cobras came back on the next drive and this time it was sadly a fumble by Jolly that gave the Predators the ball back. They drove from their 5 and it was FB Desmond Maxwell scoring from 3 yards out, extending the lead to 13-6 after a missed PAT. The Cobras answered with a 12 yard strike from QB Charles McCullum to WR Prince Shonola for his first TD as a Cobra. The PAT was good and at the end of 1st quarter it was 13-13.

The Predators started the ball in the 2 nd quarter and again drove down the field, this time it was Hicks to WR Darrin Peterson Jr for 3 yards and the score, and it was 20-13 Predators. The Cobras with a quick strike as it was McCullum to Jolly again for 30 yards and the score, another 1 play strike, and with the PAT it was again tied at 20. The Predators could not be stopped and wouldn’t be again. This time it was a 17 yard amazing catch by WR Derrick Macon Jr in double coverage. The PAT was blocked and returned by the Cobras, after most of the Cobras seemed to touch the ball, it was Pasquale Vacchio taking it in from 6 yards out, and it was 26-22 Predators. The Cobras drove down the field at it was a 4 yard pass and first TD as a Cobra to LaVon Pearson, the PAT was good at it was 29-26 Cobras with 1:16 left in the half. After Orlando started at their 5 yard line with 1 minute to go, they drove down the field, it was Macon Jr again for 19 yards and the go ahead TD, his second of the game. With the PAT it was 33-29 at the half.

The Predators got the ball to start the 2 nd half and again drove down the field. This time it was Macon Jr with his 3 rd TD of the night, this time from 21 yards from Hicks and with the PAT it was 40-29. The Cobras again answered quickly, this time it was Charles McCullum to Jordan Jolly for the 3 rd time, this time from 21 yards. The PAT was good at it was 40-36 Predators. Orlando was just not stoppable tonight as it was 28 yards from Hicks to Lyons for his 2 nd TD of the night. The PAT was good at it was 47-36 Predators. K John Lunsford kicked the Deuce on the kickoff and it was 49-36. The first play for the Cobras was Charles McCullum throwing an interception off a miscommunication by DB Dallas Jackson, and the Cobras defense finally held, as a 29 yard FG attempt by Lundford missed to the right. The Cobras answered with a nice drive down the field and it was FB Deshawn Johnson from 1 yard out with the rushing TD and the Cobras pulled within 49-43. The Predators came right back this time 19 yards to Lyons his 3 rd of the night. The 2 PT PAT was no good at it 55-43. That was our score at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The Cobras again drove down, this time 10 yards from McCullum to Pearson and his 2 nd TD of the night. The Cobras attempted an onside kick which Orlando recovered at the Cobras 19 yard line. It was 1 play and a 19 yard TD pass from Hicks to Macon Jr for his 3rd TD of the game. The PAT was good at it was 62-49. The Cobras offense again took the ball downfield. It was Charles McCullum again hooking up with Prince Shanola for his 2nd TD, this time from 30 yards out. The PAT was good at it was 62-56. But again the Cobras could not get a stop, as the Predators again drove down and it was 3 yard reception by Peterson for his 2nd TD of the night, the PAT was good and with less than 3:30 minutes remaining it was 69-56 Predators. The Cobras offense fought back, this time it was 8 yards to Jordan Jolly off a tip by Ducker, it was Jolly’s 4th TD of the night. Belcher was good for the PAT and was 69-63 with 55.9 seconds left. The Cobras Defense was able to stand up, but it was a Lundford from 29 yards, and the FG made it 72-63 with 38.9 seconds. Lundford made the deuce on the kickoff and made it 74-63. The Cobras offense could not answer and turned the ball over on downs, but the defense held and got the ball back, the final play of the game was a 7 yard strike to LaVon Pearson and his 3 rd TD of the night, this time from Jordan Jolly.

The Cobras travel to Columbus for a game Saturday night against the Lions.

(Article by: DJ Wagner)