Front Office

Tia McDaniel

General Manager

Tia started as a season ticket holder for an arena team, and avid sports fan. She worked herway into, what people could say is her dream job. Growing up watching football every Friday night, while she marched in her high school band in Pensacola, FL, being around football is in her blood.

Now, she has been given the opportunity with Cobras, to combine all of her passions: sports, customer service, entertainment, and business. Tia thrives to give everyone that attends a game the same excitement she experienced as fan, herself. Always organized and prepared to take on any task, for the love of the game. You could never find her just sitting down, she is always reaching out to the fans and sponsors, checking on them and making sure they are all enjoying themselves.

In 2001, she met her husband of 18 years, Tim, in Jacksonville, NC while he was in the Marine Corps. Her two teenagers were born in Cherry Point, NC a place she will always call home. With the love and support of her family, she has been able to not only commit to her job, but also include her family with the things she loves to do.

“When you get me, you get my whole family as well, we work as a team,” – Tia McDaniel