Carolina Crushes Steelhawks 65-3

05/05/2018 9:54 PM -

Greensboro – Everybody in Greensboro got a piece of the action today as the Carolina Cobras won their fourth straight game after taking apart the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks. The Cobras started the game off strong, scoring 30 points in the first quarter on only three offensive plays and a pick-6 by Jermaine Jones. The Cobras’ defense played tremendously, coming away with seven interceptions, led by Tyrell Gollman with three, and seven sacks, led by Dwayne Beckford with five. Although the Cobras definitely deserve lots of credit for this win, it was made significantly easier for them after the Steelhawks first two quarterbacks were injured last week in their loss to Boston, as well as going through changes in their coaching staff.

The Steelhawks tried to catch the Cobras off-guard by starting the game off with an on-side kick. The Cobras recovered the ball and immediately capitalized off the good field position by having quarterback Charles McCullum throw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Tyron Laughinghouse. After the extra-point and kick-off, it was time for the Steelhawks offense to hit the field. However, on the second play from scrimmage, wide receiver and defensive back Jermaine Jones intercepted the ball and with good blocking from his teammates took the ball to the end zone for a touchdown. Soon after this, defensive back Cedric Poole intercepted the ball and was cashed in for a touchdown on the Cobras’ second offensive play, once again to Laughinghouse. This was followed up by a deuce by Craig Peterson to put the Cobras up 23-0. Tyrell Gollman made his first of many interceptions of the night and, again, on the next play for the Cobras’ offense, McCullum threw a touchdown to wide receiver Phillip Barnett. The Steelhawks got a little bit going on their next drive after a big pass to Steelhawks wide receiver Charles McClain, but their hopes of cutting the lead vanished as defensive back Darius Thomas intercepted the ball in the last seconds of the first quarter. The Cobras went into the second quarter with a healthy 30-0 lead.

Within a few minutes of the quarter starting, McCullum was at it again, this time throwing a touchdown pass to wide receiver Jordan Jolly. On the Steelhawks next play from scrimmage, third-string quarterback Cooper was intercepted by Gollman, which helped put the Cobras in position to score another touchdown, this time to Fabian Guerra. Lehigh Valley put in their fourth-string quarterback after Cooper’s poor production, but this proved little help as Cedric Poole intercepted him on the Steelhawks’ next drive. After a missed Craig Peterson field-goal the Steelhawks had only a few seconds to try and get something going. With two seconds left the Steelhawks failed to convert their heave to the end zone, giving the Cobras a 44-0 score going into the half.

The Steelhawks started the half with the ball but were shut down by the Cobras’ defense. After a sack by Beckford on third down, the Steelhawks attempted a field-goal from their own end zone. The attempt was blocked and went out of the back of the end zone resulting in a safety for Carolina.  On the Cobras’ ensuing drive, McCullum threw a bomb from the Carolina 20-yard line to Guerra, who wrestled his way into the end

zone for his second touchdown of the night. After Carolina forced a stop on the Steelhawks’ next drive, the Cobras’ offense got back to work with a touchdown pass to Barnett to make the game 59-0.

With the commanding lead, the Cobras put in wide receiver and back-up quarterback Jordan Jolly for the fourth quarter. Jolly did well under center, rushing for a touchdown after escaping oncoming opposing defenders. Gollman caused the Cobras’ offense to get in this position to score after his third interception of the night. With only a few minutes left in the game the Steelhawks came down the field in search of their first score. With 4 seconds left on the clock, the Steelhawks took away the Cobras’ chance of a shut-out by hitting a field goal. Carolina had the last laugh, however, winning with a final score of 65-3.


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