The Weekly Feature 6/20/19

06/18/2019 4:40 PM -

How Cobras Compare to NAL Week 10

Welcome to our weekly feature here at where we take a look at how your Carolina Cobras match up to the rest of the NAL.

After a disappointing 55-29 loss to the Jacksonville Sharks Saturday night. There were mixed results in a lot of categories.

Scoring has changed again as the Cobras fell to #3 in Scoring offense at 47.4 points per game, falling behind the Streets (50.4) and the Sharks (49.6). The Scoring Defense is still #2 at 40.0 points per game.

The Cobras are #1 in Touchdowns Scored (58), fell to #2 in Offensive TDs (53) behind the Streets (54), and remained #1 in points scored kicking (63) and dropped to #2 per game (7.0)

After gaining only 199 yards of total offense, and giving up 205 against the Sharks, the Cobras have dropped two spots to #4 in total offense with 230.4 yards per game. They moved up to #2 in total defense giving up just 213.0 yards per game.

In the rushing game, the Cobras offense continues at #3 with 18.6 yards per game and held #3 in Rushing Defense allowing only 16.1 yards per game. They lead the league in rushing TDs with 14.

In Pass efficiency offense held at #4 but improved to 100.9 for the season. The Defense held at #3 at 99.1.

Passing offense took a hit, going back to #4 from #2 down 13 yards per game to 211.9. The Defense held at #3 but now are giving up only 196.9 yards through the air.

On Special Teams, the Cobras are #2 in Made FGs (4), #1 in FG Attempts (13), still at #3 in PAT % (75.9%), #1 in PAT Attempts (54) and PATs Made (41). They are down to #2 in Kickoff return average (18.6), #3 in Kick returns (18), but dropped from #2 to #4 in Kick Return Yards (335) and tied at #1 with Kickoff Return TDs with 1 (Thanks Cedric Poole).

Turnovers are key to any game, and the Cobras are causing havoc here too. Up to #3 in Interception Return Average at 9.8, but still #1 in Interceptions (17), Interception Return Yards (166) and Interception Return TDs (3). They are also #3 in Fumble Return average (25.5), held at #2 in Fumbles returned (2), #2 in Fumble return yards (51), and #2 in Fumbles Recovered (7), and they fell to #2 Turnover Margin with a +6 behind Jacksonville (+8).

In the First Down Department, they are still #1 in total First Downs with 159, #4 Rushing (18), #4 Passing (101) and #1 By Penalty (40) and the Defense have held our opponents to 155 First Downs, which sadly puts them at #6 in the league.

In the Red Zone the Cobras regained the #1 spot on Offense with an 85.3% rate of scoring, while giving up an amazing 65.6% rate on Defense, now alone for #1 in the NAL.

Now to the Players:

QB1 Charles McCullum has dropped to #2 in Total Offense (233.8 yards per game), still #1 in Total Offense Yards Per Play (6.6), #1 in Total Offensive Yards (1,870), down to #2 in Total Offensive TDs (42). McCullum is #4 Rushing (10.6/game), up to #2 in Rushing yards (85) and #2 with Rushing TDs with 6. He dropped to #3 in Passing average per game (223.1), and down to #6 in Pass Efficiency (100.3), #1 in Pass Yards per Completion (12.2), #1 in Pass Yards Per Attempt (6.8), down to #2 in Passing Yards (1,785) and down to #2 with 36 passing TDs.

FB Deshawn Johnson is tied for #7 for Rushing TDs with 3.

WR Jordan Jolly is now #7 in All Purpose Yards (88.2 per game) down to #4 in Scoring (12.7) #1 in Scoring TDs (19), #5 in receptions per game (7.22), #4 Receiving Yards per game (86.6), #5 Yards per catch (12.0),
#2 in Receptions (65) and #2 in Receiving Yards (779). He is also #1 with 18 Receiving TDs.

WR LaVon Pearson is #6 in Scoring per game (12.0), #6 Receiving Yards per game (84.2), up to #6 in receptions per game (6.75), #3 in Yards per Catch (12.5).

WR Prince Shonola (20.5) is #3 while DB Cedric Poole (19.2) is #4 in Kick Return Average, while Poole also has 1 of the only 2 Kick Returns for TDs.

DB Mike Green is #4 in the league with 0.77 INTs per game, he is #2 in INT Returns (7), #1 In INT Return Yards (81), #2 in total INTs (7) and he, Tyree Robinson and Pasquale Vacchio are all tied for #2 with an INT Return for a TD. Green is now #2 in the league in tackles per game at 5.3 and is #1 in total tackles at 48.0. Cedric Poole is #8 at 4.3 tackles per game.

Recent addition DB Robert Brown Jr is #3 with 6 total INTs (5 with Orlando, 1 with Carolina) and is #7 in total tackles with 31.0 (23.5 with Orlando and 7.5 in 3 games with Carolina

DL Walter Thomas Jr may be on IR, but he is still #6 in the league in sacks with 4.0. MLB Sevon Pittman is up to #9 with 3.5.

DL Micah Robinson is #3 in Tackles for Loss (7.0) and MLB Sevon Pittman is #6 with (6.0).

Green is #2 in Passes Defended with 3.78/game, while Cedric Poole is #7 (2.00) and Ken Walton II is up to #9 with 1.60.

The Cobras did not have their best game against Jacksonville, and the stats took a hit because of it. The key thing to remember is that the Cobras are still 6-3 and have 1.5 game lead and the tiebreakers for the #2 seed over Massachusetts right now as they head into their final bye week of the regular season.

Written by: DJ Wagner