Cobras vs Sharks: Game Recap (6/15/19)

06/16/2019 5:18 AM -

Cobras Lose to Sharks 55-29 in Greensboro.

In a matchup between the top two teams in the NAL this one had Murphy’s Law written all over it for the Carolina Cobras (6-3) against the Jacksonville Sharks (7-1) as the Sharks prevailed 55-29 in the Greensboro Coliseum.

The game started out with Carolina winning the opening coin toss, but on the opening kickoff it was Jacksonville Kicker Brandon Behr opening the game with a Deuce, giving Jacksonville a 2-0 lead. The Cobras were able to answer on their opening drive, as they scored themselves as WR Kyrin Priester hauled in a 28-yard pass from QB Charles McCullum and with the PAT it was 7-2 Cobras. The Cobras defense held up and turned the Sharks over on downs and quickly scored with LaVon Pearson making a 10 yard TD grab, the PAT snap was wild, but Kicker Brandon Rutherford kept his head and nailed a drop kick for 2 points, that gave the Cobras a 15-2 lead and that was our score at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the Shark offense woke up. Jarmon Fortson scored with the 8-yard TD catch, and with the PAT it was 15-9 Cobras. On the next drive for the Cobras they stalled out, and Brandon Rutherford came on for a 53-yard FG that was short and returned by the Sharks. They wasted little time scoring again, this time it was a 2-yard end around to WR Durron Neal, and with the PAT it was 16-15 Sharks. On the kickoff Behr was good for his second Deuce of the night and made it 18-15 Sharks. The Cobras then drove 45 yards and finished up with a 2-yard pass to FB Dashawn Johnson the PAT was good and it was 22-18 Cobras with under a minute to go in the half. Jacksonville drove again, and this time Devin Wilson with the catch from 8-yards out, and with the PAT it was 25-22 Sharks at the half.

In the third quarter the Sharks got the ball and the Cobras defense stood strong and stopped the Sharks on downs. It was a strong Cobras drive that finished with Charles McCullum running it in from 13 yards out and with the PAT it was 29-25 Cobras, sadly the Cobras would not score again. On the next drive, Jacksonville was driving, but they threw it deep and DB Michael Green went up for an incredible one-handed interception to give the Cobras the ball back, but they gave it right back while driving when a lateral went wrong with McCullum under serious pressure. It was recovered by Robert Brown for the Sharks, he returned it to the Cobras 16. One play later and after some missed tackles it was WR Kamrin Solomon with a 16-yard TD Catch, the PAT was good and it was 32-29 Sharks. On the very next drive it was Charles McCullum again under pressure and threw an interception to Seth Ellis off a tip by Cody Saul. The Sharks drove 32 yards and finished with a 2-yard run by FB Zack Brown, the PAT was good and then it was 39-29 Sharks. Behr hit his third Deuce of the night on the kickoff and it was 41-29 Sharks and we entered the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter the wheels basically fell off the bus for Carolina. Charles McCullum threw his second interception of the night, this time to DB Markus Smith. It was two plays and nine yards to Devin Wilson for his second TD of the night, the PAT was good and it was 48-29. The Cobras could not get anything going on their next drive and McCullum stayed under pressure and they turned it over on downs. The Cobras Defense stood up strong and it was DB Tyree Robinson with a fumble recovery to give the Cobras another chance. But it was not meant to be as Charles McCullum threw his third interception of the night, to Seth Ellis for his second pick of the night, and Jacksonville got the ball back.

They were not able to move the ball and attempted a 60-yard FG, which was no good. The Cobras again could not get the ball moving between McCullum getting sacked for the fourth time of the night, and with some penalties and they turned it over to Jacksonville with one minute to go. Jacksonville scored for the final time, this time from six yards out Devin Wilson with his third TD of the night, the PAT was good and the final score in Greensboro was the Jacksonville Sharks 55, the Carolina Cobras 29.

The Cobras are off next weekend, and travel to Orlando for their next game in two weeks. Jacksonville are home to face the NY Streets next weekend.

Article by: DJ Wagner